Jon with mr. Minken and mr. Heineken for Jumping Amsterdam

Opening of the jubilee exhibition "Image Reflections, The Dutch Society of Sculptors 100 years later" by Princess Beatrix. Jon speaking with Princess Beatrix.

Queen Beatrix visits atelier

Gardella and Prince Bernard at Jumping Amsterdam

Jon working on the decor for Opera Medea

Jon Gardella in his studio, photos by Annemarijn Vlinder.





2021    Bronze sculpture “Tango” (93x35 cm), a wedding gift- private collection, Groningen, NL.
2021    Bronze sculpture “Screaming Cow’s Hoof” ( 90x65 cm), private collection of Mr. L. Abspoel, The Hague, NL.
2018    Book “Beeld in Beeld”-“Sculpture in Sculpture”, about the bronze sculpture “Middag-Humsterland, Museum Wierdenland, Ezinge, NL.
2014    Metal Fence “Horses and Waves in motion”, 30 meters long and 120 cm high, Klinkersquare, Winschoten, NL.
2013    Fence gate for farm “The Kiss” (320x195cm), Mr. P. Meindertsma, Grijpskerk, NL.
2012    Monumental bronze sculpture “Birdcatcher”-“Vogelvanger” (320x95 cm), commissioned by ‘Wierda Foundation’, Bellingeweer, NL.
2012    Performance- The making of a memorial monument “Watersplash” (110x30cm), May 4th, Obergum Church, Winsum, NL.
2010    Monumental bronze sculpture,”Middag-Humsterland”( 220x59 cm), in front of Museum Wierdenland, Ezinge, NL.
2006    Bronze sculpture, “Two figures”-“Twee figuren”(12x4,4cm), commissioned by Chief of police Mr. O. R. Dros, award for a citizen’s heroic deed, Groningen, NL.
2005    Bronze sculpture, “Welten’s Centaur” (30x30cm), commissioned by the police department Groningen as a parting gift to Drs. B. Welten, Groningen, NL>
2004    Bronze sculpture “The Wave” (83x76cm), Straumann Nederland BV, IJsselstein, NL.
2002    Bronze sculpture “Spring Cow”-“Voorjaarskoe” (63x40cm), commissioned by the ABN-AMRO bank, Winsum, NL.
2002    Bronze water sculpture “Venus” (140x48cm), commissioned by Mr. Dick Maan, private collection, Haren, NL.
2001    Large bronze sculpture “The Wave” (100x150cm), private collection, Brabant, NL.
2001    Bronze sculpture “The Wave” (83x76cm), commissioned by the village of Wetering, Weerribben, NL.
2000    Silver pin and paperweight “Centaur”, commissioned by Chief of police Drs. B. Welten, , Groningen, NL. 
2000    Bronze water sculpture “The Fountain”-“De Bron” (185x90cm), Raadhuisplein Haren, NL.
1999    Bronze sculpture “Centaur”, commissioned by Chief of police Drs. B. Welten, yearly award for the policeman of the year, Groningen, NL.

1998    Documentary film about the work and life of Jon Gardella, made and broadcast by NPS ‘Van Gewest tot Gewest’, titled “ Movement in sculptures”- “Vaart in de Beelden”, NL.
1998    Bronze sculpture “Centaur” (250x175cm), Zernike complex University of Groningen, NL.
1998    Sculpture “M&G-man”, awarded to the director of Muelink & Grol BV - Mr. Dick Maan, Groningen, NL.
1994    Bronze sculpture trophy “Jumping Horse”, attended by the Dutch Princess Margriet, Jumping Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL.
1994    Bronze sculpture “Belgian Horse”, Elderly home ‘De Twaalf Hoven’, Winsum, NL.
1993    Bronze sculpture trophy “Jumping Horse”, attended by the Dutch Prince Bernhard, Jumping Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL.
1992    Bronze sculpture trophy “Jumping Horse”, given to Mr. Freddy Heineken and Mr. A.A.L. Minken, attended by the Dutch Prince Bernhard,  Jumping Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL.
1992    Wall painting for the play “Xantippe” in the church of Oostum, NL.
1989    Bronze sculpture “Europe & the Bull”, CBK- Cultural Centre in Groningen, NL.
1989    Monumental bronze sculpture “Sky Vision”- “Luchtspektakel” (325x200cm), town of Nieuwe Pekela, Nl.
1988    Designed and created sets for ‘The opera “Medea’. Commissioned by Sarah Caldwell, artistic director of the Opera Company of Boston. More than 20 large pieces ( sculptures and reliefs) inspired by Greek and Etruscan civilizations. An international production between Greece and the U.S., Boston, U.S.
1988    Bronze sculpture “Turning Horse” (120x120cm), for the art collection of the Dutch Gas Union. Presented as a gift for its 25th anniversary by mayor Mr. H. Vonhoff. Attended by the Dutch queen Beatrix, Groningen, NL.
1988    Monumental bronze sculpture “Sky Vision”- “Luchtspektakel” (325x200cm), sculpture competition conducted by Mr. P. Kramer and Mr. G. Bouwhuis, the Philips Scientific Laboratories headquarters in Eindhoven. Competition resulted from ‘The Rank Prize’ awarded to Philips for the discovery of the compact disk.
1986    Large bronze sculpture “Turning Horse” (120x120cm), for the restoration of the center of the town of Spijk, NL.
1984    Large bronze sculpture “Man and two horses” (110x50cm) , Menzis Medical Health Insurance, Groningen, NL.
1981    Large bronze sculpture “The Dream” (150x75cm), in the park Ripperda, Winsum, NL.
1978    Four wooden wall reliefs “ The Birds”, railway station Winsum, NL.
1976    Steel balustrade for a canal wall “Animals-in-motion”, 70 meters long, consisting of silhouettes of several different animals in motion, Winsum, NL.


2023    4 large bronze sculptures, Collection Harms Rolde, sculpture garden ‘Hof van Saksen’ (placed in 1998), Nooitgedacht, NL.
2021    Sculpture Centre, Koudum, NL.
2020    ‘Magnifiek Miniaturen’, Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam, NL.
2019    ‘Klein-Kleiner en Kleinst’, Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam,NL.
2019    Art-fair ‘PAN’, sculpture “The Wave”, Collection Harms Rolde,  the RAI-complex, Amsterdam, NL.
2018    ‘Klein kunstje, de wereld in je hand’, miniature artworks, Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam, NL.
2018    ‘Onafhankelijke Realisten tentoonstelling’, Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam, NL.
2018    5 large bronze sculptures, Collection Harms Rolde, sculpture garden ‘Hof van Saksen’, Nooitgedacht, NL.
2018    Art-fair ‘PAN’, sculpture “EU & the Bull”, Collection Harms Rolde, the RAI-complex, Amsterdam, NL.
2018    NKVB Dutch Sculpture Association ( NKVB), Pulchri Studios, opened by the Queen Beatrix, The Hague, NL.
2018    ‘Classical Art’, alumni of the Klassieke Academie of Groningen, Leeuwarden, NL.
2018    Solo exhibit ‘Beeld-in-Beeld’-‘Sculpture-in-Sculpture’ and presentation of the book ‘Beeld-in-Beeld’, photography by Joost Sizoo, Ezinge, NL.
2017    Open studio ‘Gardella, in the light of Rodin’, Garnwerd, NL.
2017    Galerie Paterswolde, Paterswolde, NL.
2014    Galerie Den Andel, ‘Maters of the North, Den Andel, NL.
2013    Galerie Pictura Groningen, alumni of the Klassieke Academie Groningen, NL.
2012    Museum Martena Franker, NL.
    Sculpture garden Havixhorst, Schipborg, NL.
    Willem van Haren Museum Heerenveen, NL.
2011    Museum Buitenplaats, Eelde, NL.
2010    Ost Friesischen Landes Museum, sculpture ‘The Wave’, gedenkveranstaltung of 6 Sept. 1944, Emden, Germany.
2010    Solo exhibit ‘Loving Flow’ and unveiling of the monumental sculpture ‘Middag-Humsterland’ placed in front of the museum Wierdenland, Ezinge, NL.
2009    Gallery Karmel Kloster, Drachten.
2008    Solo exhibit, Gallery Zofier and sculpture demonstration, Heerenveen, NL.
2008    Sculpture garden ‘De Pruimengaarde’, Wijk bij Duurstede, NL.
2008    Natuurmuseum Groningen, NL.
2007    Gallery Zofier, Heerenveen, NL.
2007    Sculpture garden Chateau St. Gerlach, Gallery Bell’Arti, Maastricht, NL.
2004    Sculpture garden Chateau Neercanne, Gallery Bell’Arti, Maastricht, NL.
2003    Museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen, NL.
2003    Sculpture garden Chateau St. Gerlach Valkensburg, Gallery Bell’Arte, Mastricht.
2002    Natuurmuseum Groningen, NL.
2002    Solo exhibit Gallery Interart, Heeswijk, NL.
2002    Solo exhibit in the new Amsterdam-Rotterdam bank ABN-AMRO bank, Winsum, NL.
2001    Sculpture garden Chateau St. Gerlach, Gallery Bell’Arti, Maastricht, NL.
2000    Gallery Interart, Heeswijk, NL.
1999    Gallery De Hullu, Gees, NL.
1998    Gallery Inerart, Heeswijk, NL.
1997    Visit studio by Queen Beatrix of Holland, Augustus 26th, Garnwerd, NL.
1997    Art-fair ‘PAN’, the RAI-complex, Amsterdam, NL.
1996    The Grain Gallery, Stadskanaal, NL.
1996    Solo exhibit, installation of sculptures, 17 meters high, called the “Time Spirol, headquarters Hazewinkel Pers, Newspaper of Northern Holland, Groningen, NL>
1995    Solo exhibit Gallery De Twee Pauwen, The Hague, NL.
1995    Solo exhibit Gallery Wiek XX, Groningen, NL.
1995    Gallery Art Show, Martinihal, Groningen, NL.
1995    Gallery Smelik & Stokking, The Hague, NL.
1995    Gallery Maria & Josef Bohm, Koln, Germany.
1994    Solo exhibit in Media Centrum NOS, Dutch Television, Hilversum, NL.
1992    Gallery Smelik & Stokking, The Hague, NL.
1992    ‘Art Fair Autrotron’, Sherer & Vandenburg, Rosmalen, NL.
1992    Traveling group exhibit, ‘Arte-Alcool, Eurasia, Rome, Italy.
1990    NKVB Dutch Sculptor Association, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
1990    Gallery Smelik & Stokking, The Hague, NL.
1989    Gallery Smelik & Stokking, The Hague, NL.
1989    ‘The Nordkuste Messe’, Oldenburg, Germany.
1989    Solo exhibit, The Medea Project, the Oosterpoort, Groningen, NL.
1988    Solo exhibit, Opera Company of Boston, U.S..
1987    Ina Broerse Gallery, Laren, NL.
1987    NKVB Dutch Sculptor Association, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
1987    Solo exhibit, Provinciehuis Cdk dhr. Vonhoff, Groningen, NL.
1985    ‘Three Dimensions, Art Academy Minerva, Groningen, NL.
1984    Gallery De Hooge Hees, Ersel, NL..
1983    Gallery Ina Broerse, Laren, NL.
1982    ‘Groningen Monumental 2’, De Klinker, Winschoten, NL.
1982    ‘Groningen Graphic’, De Oosterpoort, Groningen, NL.
1981    Groningen Artist-group , Oosterpoort, Groningen, NL.
1980    Artist-group, De Lawei, Drachten, NL.
1980    ‘Kunst aus Groningen’, Leer, Germany
1977    ‘Design for a Balustrade’, city hall Winsum, NL.
1975    Many exhibits ( 1972-1975) in and around Boston, U.S..

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